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The vocational information and counseling is provided by specialized centers set-up within the agencies of employment. The labor market information, the establishment of the career path, the assessment and self-assessment are provided by means of self-information, by providing individual or group counseling services to jobseekers, or within Job Clubs organized by the agencies for employment. The vocational counseling and the training in job-search methods and techniques and in the presentation at interviews in view of employment are provided by career orientation counselors, within career information and counseling centers, or, by request, within other organized forms of training.

1. Labour exchange    
Information on available vacancies and job placement can be requested by Romanian nationals (as well as foreigners who have been granted permanent residence in Romania or holders of refugee status) from any employment agency in the country.

The labour exchange means the placing in contact of the employers and the job seekers in view of establishing work or service relations. The county agencies for employment have to identify the vacancies, the participation in labour exchange services being compulsory for the unemployed who receive unemployment benefit.   

The labour exchange services consists of offering information on existing vacancies and the requirements for their filling-in by publishing, displaying and organizing Job Fairs, of electronic labour exchange, that is matching job offers and applications over the Internet (at the site and of pre-selecting candidates, according to the requirements of the vacancies offered.

The HUNEDOARA County Agency for Employment organizes monthly a general Job Fair as well as other job fairs for target groups, such as women, disabled persons, rroma people and graduates of educational institutions.

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