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3. Training and retraining courses

The HUNEDOARA County Agency for Employment organizes, free-of-charge, training/retraining courses for the unemployed. Thus the jobseekers are offered the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge specific to a new occupation, which will increase their employability.

The structure of the training/retraining services ranges from courses in various occupations to upgrading courses. There are organized also courses in the basic terminology of the market economy or training courses on the creation of small enterprises. In order to effectively reach their potential beneficiaries – the unemployed – these services, the cost for which are covered by the National Agency for Employment, are organized on local level in our vocational centers in DEVA and PETROSANI, and through service providers that may be public or private training institutions, companies or NGOs.
For the training period, NAE covers the expenditures for the training and administrative staff, the rent for the training facilities, if such facilities are not owned by the service provider, as well as the costs for supplies used during courses.
The agency also covers the costs of transportation for the trainees in case they live in localities other than the one where the course is held.
NAE also organize training courses at the request of employers and natural persons.                   

4. Consultancy for starting-up a business

The consultancy and assistance for starting up an independent activity or a business are provided, upon request, to jobseekers, in the form of legal, marketing and financial services, effective management methods and techniques and other consultancy services.
These services may be provided by the agencies for employment or, as the case may be, by private companies, professional organizations, foundations and associations specialized in the respective areas of expertise, with which the agencies for employment conclude contracts for this purpose. The services are provided free-of-charge, one time only, for each period when the respective persons receive unemployment benefit.

5. Complementing the salary income

If during the period when they receive unemployment benefit the unemployed take-up employment, they benefit, form the time of employment and by the end of the period for which they were entitled to receive unemployment benefit, form a monthly tax-free amount of 30% of the unemployment benefit.

6. Stimulating the mobility of the labour force

The persons who, during the period when they receive unemployment benefit, take-up employment in a locality located over 50 km away from their place of residence, are entitled to an installation bonus equal to two gross minimum wages at national level in force at the time of employment. Those who take-up employment in another locality and, by doing this, change their place of residence, are entitled to an installation bonus equal to seven gross minimum wages at national level.

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