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7. The Occupation Caravan for the Rroma people
By offering it's services in the official trips made in the Rroma communities, HUNEDOARA County Agency for Employment, manage to increase the opportunity of the Rroma people to enter the labour market.
8. The Occupation Caravan in the rural communities
The public officers from the HUNEDOARA County Agency for Employment make official trips in the rural communities in order to find the best solutions for the area's development.
The training courses organized in the rural communities  contribute to an improvement in the occupational skill and competence of the persons involved in the agricultural activities.
Also,  the identification of the vacancies in the area and the labour exchange services, the contacts and the partnerships with the local administration provide a real success of this kind of events.

B. Services for the employers
Job subsidies for:
- Over 45 years old unemployed, single providers of family income and disable persons  
The employers who hire with open-ended labour contracts over 45 years old unemployed or unemployed single providers of family income receive, for a 12-month period, a monthly amount of one gross minimum wage at national level, having the obligation to maintain the working relations for a 2-year period. From the same facilities benefit the employers who have fewer than 75 employees and hire disabled persons.
- Graduates
The employers are stimulated to hire graduates of all educational institutions. For each graduate hired with open-ended labour contract the employer receives for a 12-month period an amount of:
- 1 gross minimum wage at national level for elementary school graduates;
- 1.2 gross minimum wages at national level for high school graduates;
- 1.5 gross minimum wages at national level for university graduates.
For each graduate who is also disabled the employer receives the same amount as above but for an 18-month period.    
The employers who hire graduates are obligated to maintain the work or service relations for at least 3 years. During the 3-year period the graduates may enroll in a form of vocational training organized by the employer, the vocational training expenditures being covered, upon employer's request, out of the unemployment insurance budget.
- Public works
The expenditures for labour force used for providing public services of rebuilding and maintenance of infrastructure, cleansing and civil works, as well as for socials services including home care for children, ill persons, elderly people, disabled persons, organized by the local public authorities, by private companies or NGOs, endorsed by the local public administration, may also by subsidized. The subsidies are granted for a period of up to 12 months for each unemployed person hired with an individual labour contract. In the period November 1st - March 31st, the subsidy is of a gross minimum wage at national level, together with the social insurance contributions due by the employer. In the other months of the year the subsidy is of 70% of the gross minimum wage at national level.

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